I’m not really using Tumblr anymore but this is kind of big and I thought I’d let everyone know! As of yesterday, Charlynn and I are officially engaged! We’re very happy 😊

Yes, it is true. Also, it is my birthday.

I can finally say that I did something with my life.

ART: Ink, Oil & Soap - Pacific Light by Ruslan Khasanov

Russian graphic designer Ruslan Khasonov first became interested in the interaction between oil and water when he was cooking one day and happened to combine soy sauce and olive oil witnessing their separation. More after the jump:

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William Robinson Leigh, Visionary City, 1908.

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If we had Dutch-style intersections, we’d ride our bikes everywhere, too

Urban planner Nick Falbo wants U.S. engineers to borrow a trick from the Dutch: Keep the bike lanes on the curb side of parked cars, and then add an island in front of the parking lane in the intersection so that turning cars are forced to give cyclists a little more space.

Just watch what he means. 

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When the heat comes on at work, something in the ceiling vibrates and it sounds exactly like that echoey ringing horcruxes make. 

I’m pretty sure this guy working on his car outside is a Sim. He has been literally just banging on things and occasionally screaming OW, GODDAMMIT since 1AM. His tinkering skill has clearly not improved at all.